Upcoming Events

This fall I am continuing my position as the manager of the Canadian Chapter of the Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society at OISE (University of Toronto’s Education Faculty). We were fortunate to receive a SSHRC Insight Grant which will take the project to March 2020 and allows us to bring on more awesome students (cannot say enough about our student crew!).  For the first time this year, we have graduate assistants at the Université de Montréal, University of British Columbia and four here at OISE.  Our year will focus on publishing our survey findings as we guide the students through journal submissions, book proposals and media writing.  In March or April we plan to have them present their nascent papers at a research symposium – so stay tuned and make sure to come to OISE to hear their presentations.

To stay connected to the full Canadian team, I am going to the Université de Montréal as a visiting scholar in November.  It will be a great chance to train our student there, present my thesis research and work on Olivier Begin-Caouette’s latest project on the provincial factors that influence Academic Research Production in Canada.

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