Recent Publications:

Karram Stephenson, G. (2021). From Elite to Expendable:  A Historic Analysis of the Crises Facing Canada’s Professoriate, in Brock Education, Special Issue

Karram Stephenson, G., Jones, G.A., Fick, E., Bégin-Caouette, O., Taiyeb, A., Metcalfe, A.S. (2020). What’s the protocol? Canadian university research ethics boards and variations in implementing Tri-council policy for higher education researchers. Canadian Journal of Higher Education

Karram Stephenson, G., Jones, G.A., Bégin-Caouette, O., Metcalfe, A.S. (2020). Teaching, Research and the Canadian Professoriate: Findings from the 2018 Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society Survey. Special Issue of Higher Education Forum.

Karram Stephenson, G. & Rajendram, S. (2018).“This barrier between:” the ethnic divisions of higher education in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Higher Education, 1-15.

Comparative International Education Journal

Karram Stephenson, G. & Rajendram, S. (2018). Expanding Access while Narrowing Outcomes:  The Paradox of Malaysia’s International Branch Campuses. In (Eds). Alphine, Levine & Chen.Exploring the Future of Accessibility in Higher Education. IGI Global.

 Karram, G. & Gabay, D. (2015). Aren’t We All International Students? Supporting Diverse Populations at University Branch-Campuses. In K. Bista (ed). International Students Mobility, Services, and Policy in Higher Education. IGI GLobal.

Field, C. C., Jones, G. A., Karram Stephenson, G., & Khoyetsyan, A. (2014). The “Other” University Teachers: Non-Full-Time Instructors at Ontario Universities. Toronto: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

Karram,G. (2014). Power of global-local partnerships:
An assessment of global, national and local stakeholders of religious, higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa.  In Wiseman and Wolhunter.The Development of Higher Education in Africa: Prospects and Challenges, International Perspectives on Education and Society.  Vol 21.

Karram, G. (2013).  International Students as Lucrative Markets or Vulnerable Populations: A Critical Discourse Analysis of National and Institutional Events in Four Nations. Canadian and International Education. 42(1)

Karram, G. (2012). A futile search for values and pedagogy? A discursive analysis of the marketing messages of branch-campuses in higher education hubs.” Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, (Online First).

June 17 2012. World University News. OECD Survey Finds Post-Secondary Education Strong, Innovation Weak 

Feb. 26 2012. World University News. Debates over promise of three new campuses for Ontario. World University News Logo

Nov. 13 2011. World University News. Rapid Growth in Private Religious Education.

Karram, G. (2011) “The International Connections of Religious Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Rationales and Implications.” Journal of Studies in International Education. November 2011 15: 487-499.

Karram, G. (2011). “Internationalization at Canada’s Universities: Developing Active Global Citizens.” Glob.Idealisation. Vol II: 75-92 Click here to read: CJOG – RCM 2011


Karram, G. (2010). Study Abroad Opinion Survey. Wordsworth College: University of Toronto.  Unpublished Report.

Karram, G. (2010). Regionalization of African Higher Education.  OISE: University of Toronto.  Unpublished Report.


Karram, G. (2016). Exploring the identities of students at  branch-campuses in Malaysia and the UAE. Unpublished PhD. Thesis. Univerisity of Toronto.

Karram, G. (2011). Study Abroad and Spirituality: The Journeys of Undergraduates in Development Nations. Unpublished Master’s Thesis. 

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