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Bio –

Grace Karram Stephenson is a post-doctoral fellow under the supervision of Dr. Glen Jones, Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto.  In this role, over five years (2016-2020), Grace leads a team of researchers from across Canada, administrating in the latest phase of the Academic Profession survey.  She teaches Comparative Higher Education (LHAE 1826) and Recurring Issues in Higher Education (LHAE 1803).  Grace’s research interests include the graduate student experience, internationalization of higher education, study abroad design and marketing, college student development and spirituality, and university governance.  This broad range of topics related to post-secondary education is held together by overarching philosophical questions about the purpose of the university.

Grace is also involved in the Comparative, International and Development Education Centre at OISE.  The centre houses a dynamic community of students and faculty devoted to researching education around the world.

Before coming to OISE, Grace and her husband John Stephenson directed a study abroad program in the Fiji Islands.  Grace also worked at the School of Leadership and Development at Eastern University in Pennsylvania.

Email:  grace.karram [at] utoronto.ca

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