Worldviews 2013 Conference – Toronto

Tonight is the opening keynote for the Worldviews 2013 conference.  Adrian Monck (World Economic Forum) is speaking on public trust in the media and how this affects higher education.  The conference investigates the relationship between higher education and the media – issues of MOOCs, knowledge mobilization, internationalization and more… Thursday and Friday’s sessions look great – I will personally be attending talks on journalism and education hubs.  Full agenda here

Ontario Research Policy Symposium – May 16, 2013

This Thursday, I am helping Glen Jones and the higher education program at University of Toronto host a research symposium on key policy issues facing Ontario’s post-secondary system.  This event is being co-organized by Lucia Padure (MTCU) and Richard Wiggers (HEQCO).  I am looking forward to the first presentation Life After High School – presenting the findings of a recent research study into students’ first year at PSE.  There will also be info on college-uni transfer, institutional diversity/differentiation, and student choice.  One of the goals of the day is to spark a network of stakeholders interested in Ontario’s PSE research.  If you’re interested in watching the event online – join us at 9:30 Thursday morning.