Franco-Ontarian Universities Refuse to Give Up

Since my daughter began school four years ago, I have been part of the Conseil Scolaire Viamonde – Ontario’s dynamic French-language public board.  Five years ago I was unaware of its existence, but a kind neighbour recommended it for our family, knowing we value linguistic diversity.  Since enrolling our children, we have had our eyes opened to vibrant Francophone community in Ontario that is comprised of recently-immigrated and long-time Canadians with many connections to Indigenous communities.  This community had a powerful vision to develop a Franco-Ontarian university.  Not only would the constituents be diverse, the pedagogy would be cutting edge.  After walking alongside my colleague Olivier Begin-Caouette and hearing his excitement for project, I was deeply grieved that the Ford government has cut the funding.  Fortunately, the planning committee are a savvy group and are willing to hold the charter tightly until funding becomes available again with the next provincial government.  You can read the editorial I wrote with Olivier here:

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