Inspired to my core by Maria Ressa

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One of the wonderful aspects of working at a university is meeting really great thinkers and activists who are actually making a difference in the world.  The only downside is sometimes you get used to it.  Fortunately, there is no “getting used to” Maria Ressa (and I mean that as the highest complement!).  I was blown away by her presentations at the 2019 Worldviews Conference.  I had not expected to be so inspired by her journey and her mandate.  Talk about life-risking commitment to democracy.  I will carry her words with me for the upcoming year.

The Worldviews conference continues to be the most impressive conference line up and format for me.  The speaker selection is done with precision and OCUFA deserves credit for the world they put into this.  You can read my piece about Worldviews here:



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